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Sophistication, exclusivity and security. Behind every operation, many experts and great investors.

Profitability, protection and diversification. Profitability that you've always dreamed added to the safety that all investment deserves.

We are an internationally active company that structures investment products on real estate, providing greater profitability to the portfolio of qualified investor.

Among the main advantages are: experience on developing investment products, focus on profitability, security and internationalization.

In this way, we’ve been building an increasingly strong brand and increasingly solid investments.


After a rigorous process of market intelligence - including analysis of funding variables, risk, return, demand, supply and design - we select and transform the best opportunities found in investment.
For each opportunity is chosen the most efficient investment vehicle (SPE, SCP, SA, FII, Offshore, etc.), combining the best legal setting and the greatest tax avoidance.
To begin the structuring of the product: (a) vehicle development, (b) capitalization through the distribution of investment shares, (c) contracting and starting of the operation.
Each investor receives a password of the project site, for monitoring analytical and synthetic reports as well as photos of all stages.
When each project is finished, after sale and / or lease, the distribution of profits is made or the payment of monthly dividends is begun ( that may be the payment of fixed or floating-rate dividends).
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Qualified projects
Investment shares that enable the investor to become a member of large qualified enterprises (islands, resorts, shopping malls, warehouses, condominiums, housing developments etc.), in Brazil, the US or Europe. Those investments are more advantageous alternatives than trying to get profit in real estate, for instance, investing directly in property, whether it is ready or in plant.
Built to Suit & Leasing

Investment shares that enable a real estate development to the investor, regarding to the interests of a future user (lessee) for a predetermined period (usually 10-20 years), which ensures the return on investment and payment for the use of the property.

It is a modality widely used in the United States and Europe, including the construction of industries, warehouses, distribution centers and churches, in addition to hotel and education sectors.

Investment shares that enable the investor to participate in Retrofit operations, that is, purchase, renovation / upgrading and resale / rental of residential or commercial property. Through our business intelligence system is possible to identify off-market properties with features for that mode. Once the property is acquired, it is necessary to reform it in order to value it and rent it or resell it on-market.
Debt securities
Investment shares in securities of real estate debt in the US. Those securities are sold through auctions in the financial market with an average yield of 15-25% per year, with the credit risk backed on property.
International trade
Property consultancy for purchase and sale of luxury property in Brazil, the US or Europe, according to the client's goals (capital gains, income, housing or vacation) and with the necessary support in financial, fiscal, legal and personal fields.

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